A reliable and loaded safety tracking system with all the necessary features for recce and the race. Works worldwide.

Modern timekeeping system with online results for spectators and event officials. Can be incorporated in event website, safety tracking system public interface or work standalone.

Profession race control services

Professional help to prepare entire set of documentation for rally event.


This system is fast and reliable. It‘s a perfect tool for race director, which allows you to run the event as smooth as possible. The system is also used doing recce to see if participants are following road traffic regulations etc. You can also reflect the safety plan in the system, place the location of safety marshalls which helps in case of an accident on course. This provides higher quality events management.
GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your event’s vehicles. The system delivers a complete overview of the vehicles in real time, you can see current vehicle data: speed, vector of direction, ignition status, start/stop reporting, distress buttons messaging, zone alerts, maintenance messages etc.

Public map interface can be used by media, teams or spectators to easily view the situation of race online. Users of public maps can see rally route, on-stage competitor positions, all competitor’s positions, stage control areas, stage split points, non-stage control areas. Also users can change map type, select favorite crews (will be shown on map with different color), see the speed of vehicles on stages and road sections.
We believe that our competence and experience in rally safety and tracking field, long term rally organizing and race control experience together with safety tracking system and timing solution will help you to achieve your goals.


Trackers, used for recce and the race are completely autonomous, so there are no chances for crew to affect their functioning – crew cannot power off the device, can’t disconnect its antennas, the case of the unit is tamper-proof (sealed). Trackers, however, in case of longer races or colder environment can be plugged in to the cars electrical circuit. NO external GPS/GSM antennas – that prevents loss of connection after the roll-over, even soft one. Internal radio part of tracker is very sensitive and powerful, GPS radio part was created to work even in sea containers to track shipments overseas, so tracker can obtain its position even through few layers of metal. In some rare cases if it is needed there is possibility to connect external antenna.
Tracker unit’s autonomy provides ability for event organizers to place trackers in auxiliary vehicles, such as Ambulances, Fire brigades, radio cars, SAF, Helicopters and others. After the event there is possibility provide reports for each vehicle for fuel costs calculations, etc.
- Text messages sending capability for SOS/OK/FIRE/ROAD BLOCKED events.
- Red flag / emergency alert functionality.
- Internal diagnostics module with ability to report to system administrators about problem with the unit.
- Supports OTA updates and can be reconfigured remotely.
- Offline data storing capability – can store data for more than 13 hours of offline operation with ability to send that stored data to servers when data connection is restored.
- SOS / OK /FIRE /ROAD BLOCKED switches.
- STS tracker is created keeping durability and robustness in mind and can withstand direct pressure up to 5000 kg. (48,44 kN, confirmed by the laboratory tests).
- All connectors on tracker unit has locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnections.
- Labelling is as much simple and intuitive as it could be.
- High sensitivity satelite and data radio modules, so no need for external antennas.
- High resistance to signal jamming (automatic anti-jamming for 8 signals).
- Supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Compass, Navstar and SBAS positioning systems.
- Two internal batteries: main battery for 4 days of operation and backup battery for 4 h of operation.
Can be connected to car’s 12V electrical supply. If unit detects that vehicle’s power supply voltage is less than predefined, unit disconnects from vehicle’s power system and uses its own internal battery.


To the event organizers we offer a complex of event timing and results system. It includes the document submission website, submissions management system, creation of start order system, important pre-event documents automatic generation. The system also has a module for reservation in administrative and technical checks.
Other important feature of this system is managing the classes and matrix of results. Marshals have an opportunity to use special app which connects a smartphone to the finish system, allows them to send information to the main database. The results are reflected in a matrix, with a possibility to edit them at any point.
According to prepared scenario, our system automatically generates various documents, such as final unofficial classification, final official classification etc, as well as all the information needed for regrouping etc.
System stores data for a long time, and all that data can be used to indicate the speed indices. Speed indices are use to determine the starting order according to actual speed of participants.


During a Race weekend, race control lies at the very heart of Rally HQ, responsible for monitoring and supervising all stages of the reconnaissance, free practice, qualifying, shakedown and Special stages. Our system provides several key features essential to allowing the Clerk of the Course or Race Director and his staff to make the right decisions to keep things safe, legal and up to schedule.
Special views and screens provide images from every part of the Rally region with a dedicated Safety Tracking System. This enables the location of problems to be detected quickly - and the appropriate action taken. Crews location and speed data will also be provided with the same information feed given to the teams or spectators. However, the Clerk of the Course  will also have access to a plethora of additional information, such as the Recce, or Service park speed trap, allowing him to ensure that all rally parts are run safely and within the regulations. System allow to double check TC or start times in case of crews, or marshals failures, take decisions about crew lost time on the stage (if necessary) or decide about which time needed to be set for some crews in case of incident.
The system also helps stewards to take decisions about unclear situation in which drivers may have transgressed rules or broken the sporting code that governs racing.
The professional race control team staff at HQ, ensures that races typically progress as smoothly as possible - and problems are pounced upon and contained very quickly.


Rally materials have to be fully correct, precise and correspond to the current FIA regulations. Quality is our responsibility.

A well prepared road book is really important to a high class rally. Because of our expirience we know how important well prepared road book is, so when creating one – we not only prepare it according to FIA regulations, but we put extra effort to choosing high quality pictures, access schemes, road signs and other. We work in at least 20 rally events per year, so we feel confident in our knowledge about creating attractive and understandable road books.

One of the greatest challenges for the sport of motor rallying is to ensure the safety of the public.  Unfortunately, the majorities of the watching public do not clearly understand the potential dangers and are unable to comprehend the speed of the cars. As a consequence, they frequently place themselves in dangerous positions simply through lack of understanding. It is our responsibility to prepare safety plan to ensure that spectators are placed in acceptable locations and are clearly aware of the dangers if a car should get out of control. The possibility of injury to spectators, volunteers, officials or media is not acceptable.
Our professional team provides Safety plans to Organizers according all new FIA Safety Guidelines and last known practical examples and safety trends.
We provide not only well-established safety plans but also consult Organizers in order to sufficiently take into account the special needs of spectator safety, and identifying the special attention that is necessary to ensure that spectators are in an acceptable location.

We can prepare all the mandatory rally documentation pack, which consist of time cards, route card, recce cards, rally guide and others.